Emergent Themes in
Critical Race and Gender Research


BWST Booklist Explainer Video

A 4-minute explainer video for the BWST Booklist is now on YouTube. This brief overview outlines development of BWST and is a resource for Black studies and women's studies departments, programs, and institutes commemorating 50th year anniversaries. It is also useful in general education classroom settings that introduce basic topics of critical race and gender studies.  



A Regenerative Approach

The Black Women's Studies (BWST) Booklist connects foundational texts  of critical race and gender scholarship to newer publications. This comprehensive bibliography identifies long-term trends and places recent contributions in historical context. Beyond a "generative" project, the BWST Booklist identifies past, present, and forthcoming work to create a robust, regenerative discussion. The BWST Booklist enables more clarity in the formal study of Black women's theories, identities, academic disciplines, activist work, and geographic locations. 


A Guide for Research, Teaching, and Advising

 The BWST Booklist is an open access, online resource that contains over 1,400 entries. This list of predominantly academic, peer-reviewed books was curated by Dr. Stephanie Y. Evans, Professor and Director of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Georgia State University. The Booklist is offered in two formats: thematic and alphabetical. For ease and detailed reference, book titles link to the Amazon website. The list is useful for research, citation, course instruction, and advising undergraduate or graduate student projects, theses, dissertations, and exams.  [Photo: Evans, at St. John's Library, 1994]


Peer Reviewed

The BWST Booklist has benefited from input by a diverse group of scholars in Black studies and women's studies departments, professional organizations, libraries, and academic presses. See the list below for those who reviewed and contributed suggestions to the project. [Photo: Evans, Comprehensive exam study session, 2002.]

Special thanks to: 

· Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Spelman College, Words of Fire

  · Patricia Bell-Scott, University of Georgia, But Some of Us are Brave

 ·  Bettina Aptheker, UC-Santa Cruz, Morning Breaks: The Trial of Angela Davis 

 · Rebecca Colesworthy, State University of New York Press  



who lent critical support by moving the field forward.



APA Citation:

Evans, S. Y. (February 2019). The Black Women's Studies Booklist: Emergent Themes in Critical Race and Gender Research. Retrieved from

Project reviewers


Thank you to the following scholars who offered critical feedback:

· Catherine Adams, Allen University

· Leslie Alexander, University of Oregon

· Nikol Alexander-Floyd, Rutgers University

· Bettina Aptheker, University of California-Santa Cruz

· Kanika Bell, Clark Atlanta University

· Patricia Bell-Scott, University of Georgia, But Some of Us Are Brave

· Georgene Bess-Montgomery, Clark Atlanta University

· Melissa Brown, University of Maryland,

· Nsenga Burton, Emory University

· Christopher Cameron, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, African American Intellectual History Society 

· Jayme Canty, University of Nevada-Las Vegas

· Bridget Carter, Auburn Avenue Research Library

· Rebecca Colesworthy, State University  of New York Press

· Nneka Dennie, Davidson University, Black Women’s Studies Association

· Jenny Douglass, Open University (UK)

· Eric Duke, Clark Atlanta University

· Shennette Garrett-Scott, University of Mississippi

· Tiffany Gill, University of Delaware

· David Green, Sage College

· Beverly Guy-Sheftall, Spelman College, Words of Fire

· Ayesha Hardison, University of Kansas

· Leslie Hinkson, Georgetown University

· Sara Howard, Princeton University

· Lindsey Jones, Brown University

· Cherisse Jones-Branch, Arkansas State University

· Bettina Judd, University of Washington

· Larin McLaughlin, University of Washington Press

· Trimiko Melancon, Loyola University, New Orleans

· Gladys Mitchell-Walthour, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

· Angelique Nixon, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago

· Rachel Panton, Nova Southeastern University

· Ebony Perro, Clark Atlanta University

· Nadia Richardson, University of Alabama-Birmingham, No More Martyrs 

· Michelle Rowley, University of Maryland

· Jacinta Saffold, Association of American Colleges and Universities, Black Women’s Studies Association

· T. Denean Sharpley-Whiting, Vanderbilt University 

· Christen A. Smith, University of Texas-Austin. #CiteBlackWomen

· Claudine Taaffe, Vanderbilt University

· Jasmine Ward, Texas Women’s University

· Karsonya (Kaye) Wise Whitehead, Loyola University

· Brittany M. Williams, University of Georgia, #CiteASista

· Erica Williams, Spelman College, #CiteBlackWomen

· Seretha Williams, Augusta University

· Francille Rusan Wilson, University of Southern California

· Karla Zelaya, University of North Alabama

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